So you outsourced your desktops for care-free computing, but are they safe?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is fantastic as it alleviates the need to purchase and maintain your own server to host your web site, email, financial applications, etc. However, when a single company hosts hundreds of other companies' data, they become a juicy target for the bad guys. Why hack into Dr. Killpatient's server when hacking into Acme Medical Hosting, with patient records of countless health care offices, would provide greater riches? Similarly, if Dr. Hurtsalot's computer goes down, only a few patient's are inconvenienced. If Acme Medical Hosting is leveled by a tornado or paralyzed by crypto-locker ransomware, untold number of medical offices and their associated patients would feel the impact. SaaS can be great, but there are important things to consider to make sure your business stays running, even when the people you hired to keep it running have a really, really bad day.

Never Assume

Too many subscribers online software solutions operate on the assumption that their data is safe because MicrosoftGoogleAmazonQuickBooks backs everything up, right? Right, they do back things up, but its not a 100% guarantee that they won't get hacked and your data locked up with everyone else's. Look what happened earlier this month when , iNSYCQ, a provider of cloud-hosted virtual desktops, was hit by ransomware and was completely down for nearly a week and, at the time of this writing, is still not fully operational. Customers have been asked to have patience while engineers struggle to recover data from backup.

To date, iNSYNQ is the largest corporation to be hit with malware, but as you can imagine, along with Amazon and Google, Microsoft has got to be one of the biggest targets out there. Considering small cities are paying ransom in the millions, how much would the richest corporation in the world be willing to pay to have its data unlocked?

Better to have insurance and not need it, than need insurance and not have it

Never take it for granted that the company hosting your servers, virtual desktops, email, files, databases, QuickBooks or other line of business application is somehow bullet proof. Take out your own insurance policy wherever you can in the form of a third party backup. To help you, Plexus IT has partnered with Backupify, a company known to the IT community as the Best of the Best to backup SaaS solutions including GSuite, Salesforce and Office 365. In the unlikely, yet possible, event that Office 365 should be compromised, your email Exchange (email), OneDrive and SharePoint files are completely backed up throughout the day to minimize any potential data loss. I'll bet there are a few iNSYNQ customers in desperate need to have QuickBooks working and wish they had their own backup to fall back on. Wouldn't you?

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