Emotet has reared its ugly head. Are you prepared?

For the past several months Emotet, among the most costly and destructive malware in recent memory, has been hibernating, its spam modules dormant and Command and Control servers lying dormant. On September 16, however, the dangerous botnet was resurrected and began threatening businesses with a new spear phishing campaign that, to help make it look legitimate, hijacks old email threads and refers to users by name in the subject line—a social engineering tactic used previously by soulless ne'er-do-wells in North Korea.

The majority of Emotet’s latest spam is disguised as invoices with malicious attachments that, once opened, launch the infection and begin the spamming process all over again, grabbing email addresses from the affected computer and sending more compromised messages to those inside and outside the network.

If you're concerned that your business is vulnerable to an Emotet attack, or even fighting one as we "speak," we highly recommend that you download MalwareBytes' Emergency Kit for valuable tips on how to remediate and protect against this threat. Also, feel free to contact us for some free advice on the best way to protect your network. We're happy to provide guidance over the phone or come in for a more thorough network evaluation. We'll do this totally free and even give you two consulting hours on the house. Please give us a call: (818) 293-5592.