A new kind of attack: Distributed spam distraction

Every day, you receive dozens of email messages, including spam, which is usually harmless, unless there’s a malware attached to it. But even the harmless ones can become more than just an annoyance if you have thousands of them flooding your inbox. Learn how a new spam attack called distributed spam distraction can do more […]

Beware Fake Voicemail Scam

We all get sales calls to our cell phones, but the rip off scams are the worst. I received one this a.m. which appeared to come from a local number, but, since there was no name associated, I swiped left. If it's important, they'll leave a message. Well, there was no voicemail on my phone, but within two minutes I receive the phishing email shown in the image above.

Is it time to replace your servers?

Servers need to be replaced and/or upgraded at some point. The older the servers are, the harder they become to maintain because finding replacement parts become more time-consuming and costly. What’s more, you could be missing out on new features that could benefit your business if you don’t upgrade your servers. To help you decide […]

How to make Office 365 work for you

Office 365 can boost your company’s productivity in many ways, but a lot of people don’t know how to utilize this service fully. Here are the things you can do to be more productive and make the most of Office 365. Get the staff aboard To maximize your company’s productivity with Office 365, make sure […]

Social media tools for businesses

Social media has proven to be a powerful promotional tool in its most basic form — and even more so if deployed strategically and with enhancement tools. Read on to learn more about apps and other tools that can boost your social media strategy. Having great content on your site is the magnet that attracts […]

Tips to boost the speed of your WordPress site

Decades ago, five seconds was a completely acceptable time to wait for a page to load. But today,  internet speeds have become faster, and most users expect a page to load as soon as they open it. If your website doesn’t load in a second or two, visitors will simply close it. So how can […]

Choosing the right business dashboard

Dashboards have become extremely useful tools for companies to make the most of their raw data. With proper implementation, a dashboard can display essential information in an easy-to-understand format, allowing business owners to easily make informed decisions. But a dashboard can say a lot of things depending on its setup, and it’s important to choose […]

Simple ways to protect your email account

Everyone uses email as the central hub for their personal internet activities, but this also makes it an attractive target for cyberattacks. The importance of email security is vital to your company’s survival, so applying these simple tips can dramatically reduce your exposure to hackers and malware. Use separate email accounts Most people use a […]

Florida city pays $600,000 to hackers who seized its computer system? UGH!

The Riviera Beach City Council voted to pay $600,000 in ransom to regain control over their computer systems after hackers had encrypted city data and just today I read that another Florida city paid $450,000.  After shaking off the initial shock,a stream of questions flood my brain like, "Didn't they have a backup?" and "How did the hackers get in?" But I already know the answers: No, they did not have a valid backup and the network equipment was either mis-configured and/or not kept up to date with security patches.