How to Transition to a New IT Service Provider

Transitioning to a new IT support provider can be awkward, especially when the current entity has all but embedded themselves in the infrastructure. Here we have put together an easy to follow, step-by-step guide for locking out your current IT provider once you decide to transition to a new one.


  • Make a list of all usernames and passwords for your domain, server(s), user accounts, etc.
  • Verify access to ensure passwords are correct
  • Audit service accounts on server for backup, Exchange and other services which run using a domain user account.
  • Make a list of 3rd party web sites and other accounts (, ISP, etc.)
  • Notify all 3rd parties of the pending transition

Day of Separation

  • If the person or entity being terminated is onsite, have a trusted IT Professional escort the person out of the building.
  • If the separation is amicable, schedule the lockout for the end of the last working day.
  • New IT professional should start with passwords that allow external access to the network, such as VPN, LogMeIn, Firewall, etc.
  • New IT Professional should test each function as the passwords are changed.
  • Change all passwords associated with system services.
  • Test and verify all network functionalities.
  • Schedule an IT Professional to be readily available for days immediately following the separation to resolve unforeseen consequences of the lockout.