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Los Angeles

IT Support

Minimize operational downtime with our round-the-clock availability and assistance

Businesses in Thousand Oaks, Ventura, and Oxnard strive to run efficient businesses to keep their customers happy. But this can be challenging when their technology is always breaking down. Plexus IT knows that your team has more important business matters to focus on than fixing technology issues. That’s why our fast, dedicated assistance is crucial to running your organization optimally.

Plexus IT technicians are available every day, even after-hours and during holidays, to resolve your technical issues. In cases where we cannot resolve it virtually, we will send someone to your office immediately to ensure that you experience the shortest downtime possible. Simply dial our number or submit and online ticket, and we’ll be there to make sure that your urgent problem gets fixed immediately.

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Plexus IT’s IT Support services offer you:

  • 24x7x365 unlimited support - we make sure that your systems are operating soundly at all times

  • Fast response - no matter the hour or day, we are always ready to resolve your IT problems

  • Installations, configurations, optimizations, and upgrades - we will handle everything so you can focus on your business

  • Anti-malware protection - we implement best-in-class defenses that automatically quarantine and remove suspicious files, attachments, and links

  • On-site repair - for complex technical issues, our emergency response team is always ready for quick deployment


Every solution can be


To cater to your IT needs

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